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1.1. By Registering on the project, You agree to these terms in full.
1.2. The Administration is not responsible for any damage to You resulting from the use of this project.
1.3. Ignore these rules or their compliance account shall be blocked or, in serious cases, removal. Cash violators will not be returned.
1.4. Administration can make these rules change without warning users.
1.5. The Administration is not responsible for any hacking accounts.
1.6. By Registering on the project, the user agrees to be anyone's partner, and agrees not to Express their grievances about this administration.
1.7. Project management is not responsible for the possible reduction or increase earnings and activity partners.
1.8. When paying for any services, and then refraining from their use, the money is not returned.
1.9. The administration has the right to set prices for any services at its sole discretion.

2.1. To Keep confidential the information of the registered user, received from him during registration.
2.2. If you have any technical problems to resume the work of the project within 5 days.
2.3. To Perform payments to users within 3 days after order payment.
2.4. Answer letters sent to technical support within 24 hours.

3.1. When you register to use the true information in all fields of the registration form.
3.2. To Meet with these rules at least once a week.
3.3. Do Not register more than one account from the same computer. Not enter into more than one account from the same computer. Do not use proxy servers, anonymizers and other software to change the AI-PI addresses. One user - one AI-PI address. All multi accounts on the project block. If there is a valid reason to sign in with another AI-PI addresses, you must contact the administration.
3.4. When Troubleshooting or some errors of project report support.
3.5. Not to attempt to break the project and not to use the possible errors. For any deception system account is blocked!
3.6. Not to publish offensive messages, defamation and other types of messages spoiling the reputation of the project or user.
3.7. Not to Express dissatisfaction about the project and his work, not to beg.
3.8. To Log in to your account at least once a week.
3.9. Do Not specify when you register the same username and password.
4.0. Don't blame the administration, not to threaten and not to exert any pressure.
4.1. At the discretion of the administration accounts to be blocked for violation of one of the items the above rules may be given the opportunity to pay a fine to recover your account in the amount of 1,000 rubles.

For violations of the rules of the project, re-registration on the site is prohibited forever. Please be careful.